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You have an existing business and want to check the existing structures, question, adapt, further develop …. simply optimize?
WEST F.A.C.T.S. CONSULTING is your partner for the optimization of existing business and the ideal preparation for new projects. We are looking at analyzing existing processes in various areas and finding optimisation possibilities and giving you everything necessary for implementation.We work very discreetly. We are in accordance with our customers’ requirements and have a wide variety of experiences and starting points.
Efficient approaches and the transfer of all insights are of course for our team.


We evaluated processes and approaches, views and find ways to optimize these.

Existing work methods are analyzed, questioned and adapted.

We optimize existing constellations, find possible savings, increase quality and speed up working methods.

Based on our extensive experience we consider your products like those of your competitors and prepare starting points for optimization in coordination with your objective.

You want to grow, expand new markets, open up new countries? Then we support them by thinking about things that you may not know and we help you to reach your goal faster and more efficiently.

With our possibilities we check your conditions and find the right alternatives for you or open up further possibilities for you.

We evaluate their current foundations and show you the potential for optimisation. -Personnel: we evaluate the quality of each individual employee create individual approaches for optimization. We support team training, team building as well as the general search for new / additional employees as required.

This point is always an unavoidable component in each of the areas mentioned. We look at the existing connections and continue to show you new and innovative starting points for you.

Our Team

The members of our team have many years of experience and are usually specializing in two to four areas. In order to keep our customers open to all possible uses of our team, we do not give up a detailed overview of our team at this point.
Our international team mainly comes from Europe and knows the old school is an innovative and modern approach for future-proof solutions.

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There is no question of whether we can support you,   ….   you just decide when.